Which grower has entered the most Cantaloupes at weigh-offs

GPC Results are checked by Default. Check all boxes to include all Cantaloupes.
DMG-Damaged Cantaloupe entered in GPC and did not count.
EXH-Exhibition is included in GPC Results,but can't place.
Other-Grower entered the Cantaloupe , but might not be in a GPC Weigh Off.
Number of CantaloupesAverage WeightGrower LastnameGrower Firstname
335.666667Edwards Bill
235.250000Johnson Charles
227.050000Dieffenbaugher Christy
221.250000Beachy Tom
216.750000Vanderpool Carolyn
215.380000Gibson ALan
231.720000Westfall Dan
218.000000Feenstra Ike
214.250000Dowdy Perry
217.900000YOUNG JEFF
215.465000Hampp Robert
28.250000Dowdy Krystal
247.450000Scherer Josh
127.000000Sundstrom Deb
126.800000Rieman Bill
119.640000Checkon Gerry
116.600000Richard Mark
114.800000Roper David
111.800000Kilbert Jim
110.800000Alves Mike
110.440000Brunst Heidi
19.900000Needham Glenn
17.800000Gibson Joan
17.170000Johnson Baby
17.500000Fehr Shelby
14.760000Suderman Diana
14.700000Polito Russ
11.730000Banman Crystal
11.440000Olson Valerie
137.600000Kruger Mark
125.000000Timm Brant
113.000000Froese Cornie
113.000000Hamilton Nick
110.600000Penner George
110.400000Penner Mary
121.860000Lehman Mike
118.900000Hudson Lee
118.000000Feenstra Jeesie
117.000000Urena Leonardo
116.500000Banman Chrystal
115.000000Warkentine Kathy
113.500000Reeb Danny
113.500000Johnson Brett
112.500000Bergson Colt
18.680000Bryan Jim
12.680000Harp Christy
12.260000Harp Nick
118.550000Lesavage Mark
114.000000Baleja Roy
18.280000Box Andy
14.430000Shymanski Mark