Average Cantaloupe Weigh By Weigh Off Location

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DMG-Damaged Cantaloupe entered in GPC and did not count.
EXH-Exhibition is included in GPC Results,but can't place.
Other-Grower entered the Cantaloupe , but might not be in a GPC Weigh Off.
Number of CantaloupeAverage WeightWeigh-Off LocationYear
153.400000 Wynne2016
138.260000 Indianapolis Scale Company, Camby, IN2016
136.600000 SUFFOLK2016
153.700000 Benifaio,Valencia. Spain2015
142.150000 Dails Hardware ,Franklin ,Virginia2015
254.440000 certified scale2012
149.250000 Bowdon Hardware2012
145.000000 Farley Recycling Center, Jasper , AL2012
144.400000 Bear Wallow2012
133.300000 Geneseo, NY2012
150.500000 Gatewood Vegetable Farm2011
140.500000 Spay2011
146.600000 The Great Republic Missouri Pumpkin Weigh-off2008
145.000000 Central Great Lakes Weigh-off2008
118.300000 Gatewood Vegetable Farm Weigh-off2008
212.250000 Roland Pumpkin Fair Weigh-off2008
211.490000 Nekoosa Giant Pumpkin Festival2008
18.280000 PGPGA Great Pumpkin Weigh-off2008
24.750000 SOGPG Weigh-off2008
121.860000 PGPGA Great Pumpkin Weigh-off2007
217.950000 Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin and Harvest Festival2007
117.500000 Gatewood Vegetable Farm Weigh-off2007
517.500000 Roland Pumpkin Fair Weigh-off2007
515.986000 SOGPG Weigh-off2007
113.500000 Nekoosa Giant Pumpkin Festival2007
34.540000 Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers Weigh-off2007
150.000000 Central Great Lakes Weigh-off2006
137.600000 Nekoosa Giant Pumpkin Festival2006
125.000000 Huglis Blueberry Ranch Weigh-off2006
318.100000 Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers Weigh-off2006
116.840000 The Great Republic Missouri Pumpkin Weigh-off2006
114.500000 SOGPG Weigh-off2006
311.333333 Roland Pumpkin Fair Weigh-off2006
226.900000 Cooperstown Pumpkinfest and Regatta
323.980000 Nekoosa Giant Pumpkin Festival
221.250000 Gatewood Vegetable Farm Weigh-off
119.640000 PGPGA Great Pumpkin Weigh-off
119.000000 SOGPG Weigh-off
713.910000 Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers Weigh-off
112.000000 Central Great Lakes Weigh-off
310.100000 Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin and Harvest Festival
19.900000 ByWard Market Weigh-off
34.663333 Roland Pumpkin Fair Weigh-off