Average Cantaloupe Weigh By Weigh Off Location

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DMG-Damaged Cantaloupe entered in GPC and did not count.
EXH-Exhibition is included in GPC Results,but can't place.
Other-Grower entered the Cantaloupe , but might not be in a GPC Weigh Off.
Number of CantaloupeAverage WeightWeigh-Off LocationYear
153.400000 Wynne2016
136.600000 SUFFOLK2016
153.700000 Benifaio,Valencia. Spain2015
142.150000 Dails Hardware ,Franklin ,Virginia2015
254.440000 certified scale2012
149.250000 Bowdon Hardware2012
145.000000 Farley Recycling Center, Jasper , AL2012
144.400000 Bear Wallow2012
133.300000 Geneseo, NY2012
150.500000 Gatewood Vegetable Farm2011
140.500000 Spay2011
146.600000 The Great Republic Missouri Pumpkin Weigh-off2008
145.000000 Central Great Lakes Weigh-off2008
118.300000 Gatewood Vegetable Farm Weigh-off2008
212.250000 Roland Pumpkin Fair Weigh-off2008
211.490000 Nekoosa Giant Pumpkin Festival2008
18.280000 PGPGA Great Pumpkin Weigh-off2008
24.750000 SOGPG Weigh-off2008
121.860000 PGPGA Great Pumpkin Weigh-off2007
217.950000 Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin and Harvest Festival2007
117.500000 Gatewood Vegetable Farm Weigh-off2007
517.500000 Roland Pumpkin Fair Weigh-off2007
515.986000 SOGPG Weigh-off2007
113.500000 Nekoosa Giant Pumpkin Festival2007
34.540000 Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers Weigh-off2007
150.000000 Central Great Lakes Weigh-off2006
137.600000 Nekoosa Giant Pumpkin Festival2006
125.000000 Huglis Blueberry Ranch Weigh-off2006
318.100000 Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers Weigh-off2006
116.840000 The Great Republic Missouri Pumpkin Weigh-off2006
114.500000 SOGPG Weigh-off2006
311.333333 Roland Pumpkin Fair Weigh-off2006
226.900000 Cooperstown Pumpkinfest and Regatta
323.980000 Nekoosa Giant Pumpkin Festival
221.250000 Gatewood Vegetable Farm Weigh-off
119.640000 PGPGA Great Pumpkin Weigh-off
119.000000 SOGPG Weigh-off
713.910000 Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers Weigh-off
112.000000 Central Great Lakes Weigh-off
310.100000 Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin and Harvest Festival
19.900000 ByWard Market Weigh-off
34.663333 Roland Pumpkin Fair Weigh-off